Extrusion Blow Molding Machine (For PE/PP Bottle Making)

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JND extrusion blow molding machine produces some of the most rigid plastic containers in the industry, with volumes ranging from a few milliliters to 300 liters. Machine components like the screw extruder and blow mold are manufactured in-house, allowing fast production of a diverse range of molded products.

Customers can choose between continuous and intermittent extrusion configurations to suit their production needs. The drive system can be a hydraulic, hybrid or other drive units.

The extrusion blow molding machine produces plastic containers as small as ampoules, and as large as beverage cans, cosmetic jars, and multi-layer co-extruded corrugated containers.

Technical Specifications of Extrusion Blow Molding Machine
Model JND65
Suitable materials HDPE/LDPE/PP
Air pressure (Mpa) 6-8
Machine voltage 380v/50hz/3-phase
Screw 65/24:1
Plasticizing capacity(KG/HR) 56
Max. mold size(mm) 230×250
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