Stretch Wrapping Machine (Pallet Wrapping Machine)

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JND automatic stretch wrapping machine can be integrated into a packaging line for effective wrapping of pipes, chemical, electronic, food and beverage, and paper products. The use of stretch wrapper improves packaging efficiency and reduces labor costs.

Technical Specifications of Stretch Wrapping Machine (Pallet Wrapping Machine)
Model JND 1800FZ-PL
Wrap size(L×W) (800-1200)mm×(800-1100)mm
Wrap height (max) L type: 1800mm H type: 2400mm Y type: 2800mm
Wrap efficiency 30-50 Pallets/hour
Turntable speed 0-15rpm Adjustable turntable speed
Turntable size Diameter: Φ1800mm Height: 300mm
Turntable weight capacity (max) 2000kg
Film carriage Power pre-Stretch system up to 350% with adjustable speed
Lift system Lift speed adjustable
Top plate (optional) Motor-driven
Cut & clamp unit Pneumatic Control; Automatic Film Attaching, Cutting And Wiping
Control system PLC Control
Pneumatic system 0.6-0.8Mpa; 1000ml/min
Total weight (max) 1000kg
Machine size 2820mm×1800mm×(2600-3200)mm
Power/voltage Turntable 1.5kw;Film carriage 0.35kw;Lift system 0.37kw ; convey system 0.37kw (380V AC/50Hz/20A)

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