Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine




The JND series shrink wrap machine is mainly used to shrink wrap a diverse range of boxes, plastic and glass bottles in the food, beverage, and non-food industries. One unit of shrink wrapping equipment can wrap 10 to 45 cartons per minute.

Features of Automatic Shrink Wrap Machine
1. The shrink wrapper features a very simple but aesthetically appealing design, requiring limited maintenance.
2. Big screen LCD offers both English and Chinese operating interface.
3. Air expanding shaft is fitted into the core of the shrink wrap roll for quick, easy roll change in a couple of minutes.
4. Web tension is precisely controlled to ensure flat, even shrink wrap surface. A high level of cutting accuracy makes sure each shrink film is cut in a tidy manner.
5. Advanced servo control on the shrink wrap machine keeps shrinkage rate in check.
6. Accurate temperature control puts out the proper amount of heat for proper shrinkage.
7. Control components are imported from Siemens, SMC, and Motuoliao, etc., ensuring optimal working conditions.
8. Mechanical drive components are made of heat treated stainless steel or medium-carbon steel. Premium coating gives the parts the ability to withstand rust and corrosion.
9. All electrical and pneumatic elements of the automatic shrink wrap machine are built to the latest CE requirements.
10. During a power outage, operators can use a manually operated belt conveyor to move products out of the heating tunnel.

Technical Specifications of Shrink Wrapping Equipment
Model JND-450A JND-500A
Power AC220V/380V--50/60HZ-48KW AC220V/380V--50/60HZ-37.5KW
Packing speed 20-45 Bag/Min 10-12 Bag/Min
Pack type Film & Film Sheet Film & Tray
Containers Diameter:50-110mm Height:70-360mm
Packs Length:200-530mm Width:110-350mm Height:70-360mm
Pad/tray size 3mm thickness
Working pressure 0.6-0.8 MPA
Film Material: LDPE Thickness:7-13um Max. film roll diameter:500mm Winding reel core diameter:75mm
Overall size L11850mm×W1215mm×H2150mm L10069mm×W1670mm×H2480mm
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