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Descriptions of Packaging Equipment
At J&D, our packaging equipment matched-use with other J&D machines will give you a complete production line composed of:
Plastic injection machine + blow molding machine + liquid filling machine + labeling machine + ink jet printer
This production line is extremely suitable for water supplying plants and beverage and wine manufacturers.
Of course, all our packaging machines can also be used independently.

Features of Packaging Equipment
1. Reliable quality is guaranteed by our advanced technologies from Germany and Italy.
2. Imported PLC control system guaranteed stable and accurate performance of our packaging machinery and packing machines.
3. Safe and reliable electrical system: our packaging equipment will auto stop when there is short circuit and creepage.
4. Long service life and reliable quality.

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Bottle Blow Molding Machine
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INK JET Printer
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Carbon Dioxide Laser Coding Machine
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Plastic Injection Machines
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Injection Machine for Cap
Injection Machine for Plastic
Injection Mould
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PRE-Form Mold
Plastic Cap Mold
Plastic Mold

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