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Applications of Linear Wrapping Machine JND-200
J&D Linear wrapping machine is a kind of shrink packaging machine mainly used in collective packing of bottled products or canned products as well as carton box packaging, etc. (Plastic bottle and glass bottle are both applicable)

Package capability: Single lane shrink wrapping machine can pack 15-20 packages per minute.

Features of Linear Wrapping Machine JND-200
1. Stable performance and accurate performance control for the adoption of PLC control system.
2. Fully automatic production from material feeding, bottle/can/carton management, shrink packaging to the final step of cooling and shaping, etc.
3. Sensor switch is used to control the shrink film length, which helps reducing wastage.
4. Transmission motor is controlled by imported converter: stepless speed regulation.
5. Swirl-wind circulation structure and three-layer insulation material is available in our shrinkwrap machines, which guaranteed lower energy consumption.
6. Reinforced cooling and shaping channel gives quicker shaping and store.

Main Technical Standards of Linear Wrapping Machine JND-200
Model JND-200
Power AC380V / 50HZ
Total Power 30KW
Packaging Speed 15-20 packages/min
Pack Type Shrink Film Packaging
Pack Dimension Length:200-530mm Width:110-350mm Height:70-360mm
Shrink Film Material :LDPE Thickness:30-150um
Working Air Pressure 0.6-0.8MPA
External Dimension L12000*W1150*H2100mm
Main Machine L3400*W1150*H2350 mm
Shrink Oven L4200*W1000*H1700 mm
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