Auto Glue Labeling Machine

Applications of Auto Glue Labeling Machine JND-M
J&D auto glue labeling machine is suitable for round container labeling applications in industries like pharmaceuticals, foods and beverage, cosmetics, pesticides and chemicals, etc.

Introduction on Auto Glue Labeling Machine JND-M
1. Working process: the labelling machine delivers labels, gummed with resinous glue, from turret to vacuum belt and then from the belt to the bottle surface.
2. It is easy to quickly exchange bottles and adjust label sizes.
3. Simple operation, easy to clean up.

Warm suggestion: If you want a complete production line composed of filling equipment, labeling machines, packaging equipment, etc., then J&D will be your best choice.

Main Technical Standards of Auto Glue Labeling Machine JND-M:
Model JND-M
Bottle diameter φ40-110mm
Label size (mm) L:80-370*H:20-200
Speed (B/Min) 60-150
Power AC380V/220V 50/60HZ
Motor power 0.75
Air Consumption 0.4MPA 60L/MIN
Type of paste Resin
Total Weight (kg) 750
External Dimension L2400*W824*H1100mm
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