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Applications of Bottle Blow Molding Machines
JND series of bottle blow molding machine (stretch blow molding machine) is widely used to produce varieties of PET plastic container and package for mineral water, beverage, oil, and cosmetic, etc.

Features of Bottle Blow Molding Machine
1. Simple operation: Micro-computer control, reasonable design and full automatic production help saving labor (only one operator is enough);
2. High safety: self-locking is available in each key production process;
3. High pressure clamping device is adopted and helps saving energy.

At J&D, a professional drinking water equipment supplier in China, you can find a complete bottled water production line composed of: bottle blowing machine/plastic injection machine for producing containers, bottle filling machinery for liquid filling, and packaging equipment like labeling machine, shrink packaging machinery and so on. If you want more machine for your production line, welcome to contact us at +86-755- 88321071.

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