Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine (For Paste Packing)

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The JND-S Series vertical form fill seal machine uses a computer control system to achieve a high level of automation. With this advanced computer control, different operations are easy to on the paste packaging equipment, such as bag forming, counting, filling, sealing, cutting, batch number printing, and making the tear notch, etc. Fixed displacement plunger pump comes with variable speed drive, and is used to handle viscous liquid such as shampoo which tends to drip or form thin threads during dripping. If you are looking for an end-of-line packaging solution, JND is the right manufacturer to call.

Sealing Method
The bag can be sealed on three or four sides, or to form a pillow pack.

Packaging material
Paper/PE, PET/Aluminum Foil/PE, Nylon/PE, Tea Bag Paper & etc.

Ribbon hot stamping machine (with choices of colors and ink rolls).

Technical Specs of Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine
Model JND-S100 JND-S300 JND-S500
Bag length (mm) 50-150 50-300 80-300
Bag width (mm) 25-120 70-190 90-190
Packing film width (mm) 60-240 160-380 200-380
Capacity (bag/min) 30-60 30-60 30-60
Volume (ml) 5-100 50-500 200-1000
Power (kw) 1.6 1.6 1.6
Air pressure (Mpa) 0.65 0.65 0.65
Air consumption (L/MIN) 150 180 200
Size (l×w×h) (mm) 760×1380×1700 900×1800×2040 900×2000×2040
Weight (Kg) 300 480 500
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