Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine (For Granule Packing)

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The JND-K series vertical form fill seal machine is a collection of granule packing machine designed and manufactured based on domestic and overseas advanced technologies. While offering aesthetical design, it also offers high reliability and efficiency.

The vertical form fill seal machine features an advanced photoelectric controller to make sure the printed patterns on packaging bags are complete. It also includes an automatic constant-temperature control mechanism, which provides the granule filling machine with accurate and fast speed operations.

Additionally, the vertical form fill seal machine is able to perform stepless speed adjustment, and automatically finish processes from bag making, measurement, granule filling, sealing, cutting, counting, to final date or batch number printing.

Due to high automation and high precision, this vertical form fill sealing machine can meet any of your granule packaging demands. We welcome you to choose.

Main Technical Standards of the Vertical Form Fill Seal Machine
Type JND-K100 JND-K300 JND- K500
Bag length(mm) 50-150 50-300 100-550
Bag width(mm) 25-120 70-190 120-290
film width(mm) 60-240 160-380 260-600
Volume(ml) 5-100 50-500 250-5000
Packing speed( bags/min) 40-80 40-80 20-60
Power(kw) 1.6 1.65 3.5
Air supply (Mpa) 0.6 0.65 0.65
Air consumption(L/min) 100 100 600
Dimension(mm) 760*980*1800 900*1120*2360 1180*1890*2460
Weight(kg) 300 480 800

Related Names
Granule packing machine / Granule packer

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