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We at J&D mainly provide liquid filling equipment, like
Water filling machinery;
Beverage filling machines;
Oil filling machines.

Descriptions of J&D Filling Machines
1. J&D bottle filling machines are suitable for filling 0.25-25L PET, PP, PE and glass bottles.
2. One-stop filling process: Bottle washing, filling and capping can all be finished by single unit of J&D liquid filling machine.

Applications of J&D Filling Machines
Our hot drink filling machines and isobaric filling machines are suitable to be used in beverage production factories; and oil filling machinery used for vegetable oil and edible oil packing.
Water filling equipment is applicable for water supplying plants.
J&D bottled water dispenser or bottled water coolers + J&D water filling machinery = Necessary water treatment equipment for drinking water supplying factories.

Advantages of J&D Filling Machines
1. Bottle-necks clamping design: the bottle-necks are clamped and the bottles are suspended during the production process, such that guaranteed a stable filling process. And malfunctions can also be avoided for different bottle thickness and height.
2. Advanced isobaric filling technology form Germany and Italy helps making sure accurate control of liquid amount during filling process and quick filling.
3. No damage to bottle caps: the force for cap screwing could be adjusted freely for the adoption of magnetic torque. And there is also no damage to bottle caps.
4. Our special cap-managing device can avoid damaging to cap surface. And the function of auto-feeding for bottle caps is equipped.
5. Human-machine interface touch-screen is available in this liquid filling equipment: the liquid level in the tank can be controlled automatically. The filling and capping will stop automatically when there is no bottle.
6. Hygienic and safety: All parts that have direct contact with the beverage are made of high quality stainless steel. And the main electrical components are from famous international companies.

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