Shanghai Boom Industry Co.,ltd specialize in the production of: filling sealing machines (filling sealing machines); tube making machines; automatic aluminium-pipe making machines; tube filling machines; cream, ointment, and paste making machines; a plastic tube production line; packaging machinery; packaging materials; and pharmaceutical equipment.

    1. Automatic Laminated Tube Making Machine B•GLS-III1. Combination of mechanical, electronic, pneumatic technologies
      2. Lower investment, higher productivity
      3. Lower consumption, easier operation
    1. Filling Sealing Machine B•GFN-1001. Automatic tube feeding, vacuum dust cleaning
      2. Automatic color marking, hot wind heating
      3.Control system for liquid position, filling position
    1. Vacuum Ointment Making Machine ZG Tanyin vacuum cream, ointment, paste making machine is widely used for manufacturing paste-like products,cream, ointment, in toothpaste, cosmetics, foods and chemistry industries etc. ...
    1. Liquid Filling Screwing Capping Machine B.GX-III1. With compact and reasonable construction
      2. Convenient to be combined with other machine to form a production line ...
    1. Milk Candy Production Line S.NT-ⅠMilk Candy Production Line is composed of heat preservation rope sizer, batch former, cooling conveyor, twining and cutting machine,It can be used for producing soft-milk candy, toffee, egg white candy and other soft candies. ...
    1. Laminated Tube1. The laminated tube can be well sealed
      2.Gas, light barrier and fragrance maintaining property
      3. Resistant to moisture and contamination.